Homemade Dried Fenugreek Leaves | Kasuri Methi

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5 Responses

  1. mohammed salim says:

    Thank you it is great advice fo drying fenugreek leaves . Really i am waiting for it.

  2. Papri Ghosh says:

    I likewise conceive thus, perfectly written post! .

  3. dd says:

    Thank you for shearing this recipe. just quick question why we dry roast kasuri methi?
    and second question is what is difference between methi and kasuri methi?or both are same?

    • We dry it to enhance its flavour and aroma.

      Methi leaf is widely used in Indian cooking. It is cooked by itself as a vegetable or mixed with other vegetables for a tasty dish. The fresh leaves ( methi leaves are used as a cooked vegetable or as stuffing for parothas or naans ( unleavened bread).

      Kasoori methi are the dried leaves of methi and is used mainly as a seasoning for ‘tadka’ dal, gravy vegetables, dry vegetables etc.

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